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Dispatch system for TAXI corporation or mini cabs.
Free trial installation.
Mobile Apps for passangers.
Android Taxi terminal software for drivers.
try free install, email to:

Taxi Fleet Owners will receive assistance
in implementing best of modern
computer solution 

May we talk over your needs, then you will have opportunity to get complete IT solution for running
independent taxi corporation. This is newer system to former

TAXIPRO is live in corporations worldwide

Independent taxi company or taxi associations use this software every day to provide excellent  customer service.

Simple user friendly internet html5 application.

Internet webpage for taxi passanger  redirects to taxi corporation respectively by city and address. 
Google play for android app can be provided (whitelabel) with name of your company,

Computer system for your company.

Move to most modern computer system build for taxi corporations.
This Polish system was created for your drivers.
You can use it any place in the world.

ENGLISH version available. We do other translations if required.

Taxi base and call center.

Many years of experience has been included into this software.

Dispatch operator receives complete solution to contact customers and drivers.

Passanger apps

Passanger can use Android or HTML5 universal app.
Apps use GPS to locate you.

Driver app for android

Drivers use communication app, to stay in contact with taxi call-center. 

Phone technologies

The system can recognize CALLER ID and provides customer data to operator.
It can cooperate with several phone systems, TAPI, Platan,  Asterisk,  Slican,  GSM Android, SIP/Voip.


Passanger may receive sms confirmations.

Corporate cashless service support

Business database allows you to keep contracts with customers.

Corporate lifts may be summarized and montlhy invoice can be produced.

Taximeter fare calculator

Before placing order, customers ask for fare average. 
We calculate the fare from point to point. Then real cost comes from real taximeter.

Placing orders using web or HTML5 app

HTML5 universal app allows trip planning  from point to point and sending to taxi system. 
The app can run on any system like Internet Explorer,  Chrome - iOS - Blackberry - Windows - Unix - Android - Bada OS - Windows Phone


Driver app has SUMUP Interface enabled and allows to receive cards payments.  


Driver app has PAYLEVEN Interface enabled and allows to receive cards payments.

Demo screen 400 cars

Buy taxi system licence - permanent or subscription. 

Funny taxi video here, don't do it at home.  :)

Taxi GEO catalogue 

We mantain taxi corporation directory.
Offers are presented by near location algorithm. 


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